Why you need a website

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It is arguable that to compete in today’s extremely competitive market you need a strong online presence. We are not talking about a quick rush kind of website, Instead, you need a well-thought-out, healthy, optimized, and well UX designed kind of website. wondering why you need a website? well, that will be because the web is where your consumers are searching.

Statistics show that the average buyer will check out multiple sources on the internet before making a purchase, in fact, 30 percent of your potential customers will not consider a business without a website

If you are a business owner or run any kind of brand, no matter how small or big, your first step towards brand activation and awareness is web design and development. There are several types of authentic website designs at different affordable rates, all you need is to figure out which works best for your business.

So here are 5 essential reasons why you need a website and why you should strengthen your online presence with a well-designed and well-developed website.

Your Brand Needs a Digital Card.

One of the reasons why you need a website is to create a digital card for your brand. A website can easily act as a digital business card for your brand and people can always look at it every time for details about your business like services you offer, your contact details, employee names, and more.

Your Brand needs Visibility

People not only check the Internet to discover brands they want to do business with, more specifically, they visit search engines. 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. And nearly half of these searches are for local businesses.

A survey shows that Americans spend an average of 23.6 hours online weekly and almost 5 hours daily on their mobile devices. So, if you want to be seen, well, it’s simple – go to where people are spending their time.

Why you need a website

It will Help You Build Brand Credibility

When it comes to convincing buyers to buy, first impressions are very important. Brand credibility is also one essential reason why you need a website. Most people will not recommend a business with a poorly designed website and these buyers easily make judgments about your business based on the appearance of your website.

Having a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website can help easily convince your potential buyers that you are a reputable organization, one they want to do business with.

Your Website Is Always Open

As opposed to your physical office, which most likely does not operate after-hours, your website is always going to be open every day and at any time. What this means is that even when you and your staff are no longer available to interact with people looking into your business, your website will remain accessible to them and provide them with all the helpful information they may need.

Your website will serve as a point of contact or even allow buyers to easily make purchases and submit orders.

Your Competitors Have One

The world is moving into the digital space and everyone is moving with it. Less than 64% of small businesses own a website and 58% of small businesses without websites are planning to create one. This means that the majority of businesses in the world today have an online presence, and it is highly likely that your competitors have a clean website that is appealing to your target audience.

If you are looking to stay relevant in your chosen field, it is very important that your business has a good online presence that can match up and even beat that of your competitors

While you have taken note of these reason why you need a website, remember, you do not just need a website, you need a well-thought-out, healthy, optimized and well UX designed kind of website and this is what we offer here at Chilling Design. Buzz us up to start your journey into the digital world.

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