Moneybag is an innovative platform that empowers people to build, manage their finances and financial future by providing a transparent, flexible, and secure platform that helps them meet their goals.

This is the right application for you, it can be used on your mobile phone and computer. The application has alternative ways to save, which include “individual, collective (rotational) and targeted” savings options.

The start


Continuous saving is a challenge to most individuals, as it is difficult to meet a target saving. Individuals save for a short time and do not have the motivation to continue, even though they set a target and know that it is crucial to meet it.

The plan


The primary goal was to define alternative ways for individuals to save their money. This will give opportunities for people to achieve their financial goals faster and create a better living.

Our ultimate objective was user satisfaction. We articulated the problem, set the business goals, and ultimately met the user’s needs and expectations not only in terms of user experience but the entire aesthetics of the app as well.

The process

With a complete process laid out, our team worked on brand guides, stationery designs, user interface designs, and high-fidelity prototypes before development began.

We leveraged innovative tools to create low-fi working prototypes for testing and validation. This basically helped ensure we were moving in the right direction.

The result

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