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11 Important Things Your Company Website Must Have

Before we dive into what a website must have. A website is a set of related web pages that are under the same domain name and published on, at least, one web server. Websites are publicly accessible and made by using the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) in addition with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and […]

Choosing the Right Web Designer for Your Company

A Web designer just like everyone else you hire to do a job, can either make or mar the image of your company. The quality of people who work in, and for a brand has effect on the growth of the company. This is why before choosing people, you have to be sure that they […]

2022 website design trends

Website design trends or just even web design revolves around looking to the future and following technology trends. This is mostly because of its strong relationship with technology, the digital world is often a showcase for every new innovation; animations, interactive technology, digital creativity, etc. and this gets wider and better each and every year. […]

Principles of Web Design

Principles of web design is a clear way to explain how each web design project is unique. Website designers must give up their preconceived ideas about what a website should look like in order to create truly unique and impactful compositions. They should instead use the brand value, audience, and unique selling point as guides […]

Website Design Mistakes That Hurt Your Business

Let’s take a look at some common website design mistakes that often hurt your business To stay relevant in today’s business world, you have to secure your online presence especially at this time where the world is continuously evolving digitally. A website is one of the most important digital platforms a business needs to own […]

How a great website impacts your business ROI

If one of your business ROI goals is an improved marketing, the first place to focus on is your website. Many businesses have come to understand the importance of having a website. Adding a website in addition to owning a physical outlet is one move that can hugely impact your business ROI. While the wave […]

Benefits of Custom Web Design for Your Business

Lots of people today constantly use the internet. People use the internet for different things, to get information, communicate, for entertainment, to complete several tasks, share files, for studies or educational purposes, to socialize, to buy or sell different products and services, or just to stay updated with trends and current happenings in the society. […]

Website Launch Checklist

Launching a new website can be super stressful for businesses and organizations, from the marketing and growth team down to the customer service team. Everyone in the organization including the business owners wants to ensure that the website launch is a success and nothing goes wrong before or after the launch.  To help you have […]

3 quick solutions to poor website conversion

While it is great to have multiple inflows of traffic to your website, for most businesses, it is not the priority, as traffic to your website might not guarantee any improvement to poor website conversion except, of course, your endgame is to just generate traffic. For most businesses that have goods to sell, products to […]