Payments Admin

This enterprise solution was birthed from the need to enhance the process specialists use to assist small and medium businesses, leveraging user experience to achieve the desired solution.

Considering the number of merchants, payments admin has become our favorite human-centered solution, making every work-day life easier for specialists.

The start


Given that specialists use multiple applications while trying to assist merchants, the servicing process became cumbersome. Swivel and call transfers increased drastically due to switching between several apps to complete simple tasks.

The plan


The goal is to design and build a solution that will enhance overall merchant servicing. A one-stop shop where specialists have all the necessary features required to achieve their tasks in the shortest amount of time, given the desired experience.


• Reduce the number of applications used to service merchants.
• Enhance call types and reasons categorization experience.
• Allow specialists to add and view previous notes.
• Reduce swivel and call transfers.
• Increase first-call resolution.

The process

The result

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