7 Different types of websites

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As a brand, you need a website. Whether it’s for a business or a passion project, having your own website and online presence is very important. There are different types of websites online and all are competing for a share of the online attention.

Starting a new website can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you think of the other websites out there with existing audiences. But it’s helpful to remember that every website is not the same and that there are different types of websites out there trying to achieve different things.

Therefore, as you consider how best to create your own website, you want to carefully consider what type of website you want and how best it can be designed.

Here are 7 different types of websites you’ll see on the web.

1. Personal Website

Lots of people find value in creating personal websites to put their own thoughts out into the world. Personal websites are places for sharing life updates, individual opinions, and news online.

This may include personal blogs, photo diaries and vlogs. Most people do not create personal websites with the aim of making money, however, the websites can sometimes evolve into something that makes money if it starts gaining lots of traffic.

But primarily, these types of websites exist as a platform where it’s owners get to share feelings, insights, and stories with friends and strangers that might be interested.

2. E-Commerce Websites

An E-Commerce website is one of the different types of business websites. This type of website is created mainly for the purpose of buying and selling.

It allows users to perform online transactions(make purchases and payments) right on the website. example of an E-Commerce website is Amazon

3. Business Websites

A lead generation website or business websites like Chilling Design give people insights into the company’s values and inform the audience about their products or services.

A business website is usually branded like the company with the company’s logo and positioning and it conveys the brand’s goals, visions as well as services the company/ business offers

4. Entertainment Website

Entertainment website is one of the many different types of websites out there. This type of website has contents that are mainly for entertainment purposes. The subjects may revolve around Music, movies, stories, world news, celebrity news, or funny images — basically anything that people may find entertaining.

Different types of websites

If you think about browsing through the internet, you can probably think of a few entertainment websites that you often visit to get “gists”. They could be humor websites like The Onion, webcomics like xkcd, or just websites with fun or interesting content like Buzzfeed, Yabaleftonline, Foxnews

5. Educational Website

This includes websites of educational institutions and online learning platforms. These types of websites have the primary goal of either offering educational courses and materials to its visitors just like SimplifiedUX or providing informational content on an educational institution.

Different types of websites

Some entertainment websites also offer subscription models or educational products for purchase while some serve as the websites for a physical existing institution.

For professional educators and other types of institutions who may want to share their knowledge with the public, creating an educational website is an effective way to reach their target audience.

6. Non-Profit Websites

One of the different types of websites out there is the non-profit websites. This type of website is created mainly for awareness and to encourage support from the audience. Organizations like NGOs will create a non-profit website just to let the audience know what the NGO is about and to encourage support and donations from the audience.

If you have or are considering starting a nonprofit organisation, then creating a website for your organization is a very important first step in proving your authenticity and reaching your target audience. You can use it to promote the projects your organization handles, encourage people to take action, call for more volunteers and use it for accepting donations.

7. Online portfolio

Online portfolios are a type of website used for showcasing your skills. This type of website is simpler to build than a business website and is more focused on fewer details like work samples and details of the owner.

Every creative person from photographers, UX designers and to digital marketers are utilizing such sites to show off their work to potential clients. A portfolio website can be utilized just like a CV.

In conclusion, there are pretty much several different types of websites out there, and it’s workable for anybody to construct any kind of site. But it is important to know what you want and analyze the structure of what you hope to achieve with your website.

With the ideal individual or association structuring it for you; you can accomplish more and sell your brand thoughts and visions to the right people.

Chilling design is ready to help you start and improve your journey on designing just the right type of website suitable for your business and industry. Contact us here.

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