5 ways to utilize and improve your website

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There are no arguments that the online world is expanding and most businesses/brands are using websites more frequently as time goes on. If you are yet to get a website, you can still get one here. But owning a website is not all, you want to know ways to utilize and improve your website as many business owners are mostly unsure what to use their websites for or how to maximize and utilize it for business growth.

The umbrella of website growth and improvement has a lot of processes within it, and it may seem a little challenging to understand every step and process and the different ways to utilize and improve your website but here are 5 ways to make the most of your website, and try out some new ideas!

1. Create Great Content

Your website has only a few seconds to capture attention and interest and one very important way to do this is by creating quality content for your website.

Your website content usually refers to the written body of text displayed on your website which is intended to sell your brand’s vision, goals, products or services. The words of your content guide your visitors through your site, It explains your brand concept, and tells your brand story. Typically, these contents are found on main pages which include your Homepage, About Us, Products and service page, blog, FAQs, etc.

One of the ways to utilize and improve your website and also a tip on how to improve your website content is to have a clear content foundation that needs to be laid before you start creating your contents.

ways to utilize and improve your website

Three important points to keep in mind before writing are:

  • Your audience persona: Who are your target audience? What is their location? What problems do they want to solve? What search terms will they likely use? If you are able to define your audience’s persona, you can create content that is best suited to solve their problems, thereby turning them into leads and potential clients.
  • Your purpose: What type of website is it (Ecommerce, Entertainment, professional, personal blog, etc)? Is it mainly focused on building traffic and creating awareness? Is your website focused on attracting subscribers or building a community? Knowing your end goal from the beginning helps you to craft the perfect piece and an ideal call-to-action statement for your website.
  • Your competitors: What primary service do they offer? What type of content are on their pages? Who are their target audience? You need to find out and make a strategic decision on whether to offer similar content or branch out and offer something different. Conducting research is an excellent way to spot trends among competitors and get ahead of the game.

Bear in mind that the primary purpose of your website is to display information about your business, it’s goals, visions and services and it is important to pay attention to how these information are displayed or written.

2. Add a Blog

A blog is a periodically updated section of your site where you can post interesting and informative articles that incorporate your products or services and drive readers to check out your business.

Blogging has evolved from the times when only individuals had blogs which were only for personal use. Today, most brands use blogs to grow and expand their reach.

Most B2B marketers who use blogs get 67% more leads than those that do not. One of the helpful ways to utilize and improve your website is to add a blog.

Why do you need a blog?

To drive traffic:

  • Adding a blog to your website is an awesome way to drive traffic to your website and increase your SEO. With a blog, you have more content for search engines to crawl and index and this means that search engines can easily recognize that your website has resourceful information for people to access. Additionally, individuals who find your blog content informative can easily share your content among their circle, which will help to drive more organic traffic to your site.

To build credibility:

  • A blog with useful content shows your audience and customers that you are a trusted source. Your blog can easily answer potential customers’ questions and discuss industry trends. Writing blog posts about interesting and useful topics shows your visitors that you are not just a business selling a service or product; it shows that you are knowledgeable enough about useful information in your industry. If your visitors can view your blog as one that has helpful information about relevant topics and trends, they are more likely to do business. 47% of buyers view 3 to 5 pieces of content before engaging with a brand.

A blog is where quality and interesting website content may be housed, some sites may not use “blog”, on some sites, the blog section has a different label, such as News, Press or Articles.

3. Link to your Social Media

When you have great content on your website and blog, one very important way to utilize and improve your website is by linking your content to your social media channels.

Social Media is a great outlet to push your content out to a larger audience, thereby, growing your brand visibility and awareness.  And when you lack inspiration for social media content, you may post a blog content multiple times, highlighting different parts of the post each time.

Additionally, You can add social sharing buttons to your website that allows your visitors to easily share your content—potentially turning your visitors into your own grassroots marketing team.

4. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) integrates keywords into your website. This helps your website come up at the top of the list in search results.

SEO increases your organic search engine traffic, in turn increasing the number of visitors to your website. search engine optimization helps browsers find related sites which have contents they are looking for and ensures that they can find you in the vast pool of websites.

SEO is one of the proven ways to utilize and improve your website.

5. Redesign and Retarget

To Improve your website’s overall performance, you may want to consider a redesign of your website and possibly an audience retargeting. this is one of the ways to utilize and improve your website. It is important to have a website audit periodically to determine what needs to be improved and most of the time, this may involve an improvement on your web design.

Redesigning a website may be for various reasons, depending on the specific set goals of your business. Some of the common reasons are to increase your traffic, rebrand your site, generate more leads, add functionality and improve user experience.

ways to utilize and improve your website

You want to be sure that your website has the right qualities needed to meet your set goals. Going through an audit and website redesign process might seem challenging but with the right help from professionals who has skills on how to improve your website design. you will not need to worry.

There are several brands like Chilling Design who are focused on ways to give your website the right look, feel and overall functionality needed to meet your goals and achieve your brand purpose.  Send us a message here.

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