Up to 71% of small businesses have a website

Lots of small businesses understand the importance of an online presence in the form of a website. These owners understand that now, more than ever, it is very imperative for small businesses to have an online presence and what better form of online presence to have than a website? A healthy website will act as a one-stop shop hub of information and relevant content for website visitors and potential buyers looking to make a buying decision.

Social media is definitely a helpful channel for basic information, whereas a company website acts as a central location for small businesses to showcase their brand and products extensively. research shows that up to 71% of small businesses own a website which has made lead conversions easier. 

 small businesses have a website

Website is the anchor for small businesses’ online presence. It is the first step to going from small to big. A website will provide a central platform for every information about a business, like location, contact details, products and services, and even information about the company’s goals and vision. And the beautiful thing about websites is that they are also customizable, which makes them even a better choice to better reflect small businesses and their business objectives. Social media profiles may accommodate company logos, but only websites can be tailored to a business’s specific colors, fonts, themes and UX designs

Building a website in these recent times can help small businesses establish themselves online through authoritative sources of information and good resources for current and potential website visitors.

Running a small business does not mean you have to act small and owning a website does not cost as much as most business owners think. With your budget, you can get a suitable website that meets your needs, you can schedule a call and speak with a professional at chilling design.  Whether you’re planning on just settling at a place, expanding internationally or marketing locally, having a proper website will increase your professional and brand credibility. 

Small businesses create websites to showcase their products and services 

A website is an important place for small businesses to communicate with existing customers and prospects. Your website visitors should be able to access the most important information about your business quickly and easily and this is better with a website that showcases this information in detail. About one-quarter of small businesses agree that the main purpose of their website is to showcase their products and services which makes this a top reason small businesses have websites.

This is to say that small businesses are not only creating websites to house contact information and images, or for just the mere purpose of owning a website but to help nurture and convert leads into sales. There are a lot of  user-friendly sales pages like ecommerce pages that are readily available for different types of small businesses to include on their website. Sales features such as shopping carts, payment options, and marketing support can be created to help drive sales and satisfy customers.

Up to 71% of small businesses have a website

Shopify and other similar e-commerce software and tools also include customization features that will allow you to tailor your sales pages and your customer shopping experiences to your specific brand. There are also features like the chatbots which small businesses can use to help customers easily find specific information and necessary support. A chatbot is a piece of software that acts as a chatroom for visitors navigating through your website. Businesses use chatbots to engage with their customers alongside the common customer service channels of phone call, emails, and social media chats. Most chatbots are built and set with pre-programmed responses which provide answers to common user questions, and many others are automated to create support tickets or action items for sales and customer service teams. Software tools and application features on the website are easily put in place to help customers find what they’re looking for faster. 

A website that displays your product and service and has the right features which helps visitors navigate and make easy purchases will establish credibility and authority for your business.

Small businesses create websites to create a credible online presence

Like we mentioned earlier, having a social media presence is good but adding a website link on your social media accounts even creates more authenticity and improves brand credibility. 

Small businesses require a website to create a credible online presence, to reach customers and drive profits in 2021. Creating a website is an easy way to achieve business goals and drive sales but it’s also a way to establish brand authenticity.  Most small businesses own a website, while a few are still reluctant to invest in websites. 

To maintain a credible online presence, small businesses will combine the strengths and skills of their in-house team with the expertise of a web design and UX agency to ensure the website is well built and optimized for usability. 

The first and most popular reason why a small business will create a website is to promote its products and services. Small businesses should also focus on creating an experience that entices website visitors towards making a purchase or becoming recurring customers. Almost all  businesses with a website has plans in place to improve their website’s speed and optimize for improved performance. This will become critical, as Google prioritizes site performance when evaluating rankings. 

Even if as a small business, you do not plan to expand your business, you should know that local SEO is still extremely important for your business, no matter the size. 46% of internet searches are a search for local businesses in the area, and these are also catalysts for store walk-in visits. At least 72% of these online searches lead to actual store visits. You dont want to  miss out on the online and foot traffic.

Get a healthy website, work on optimizations, and create a credible online presence, even if you’re part of the 35% of small business owners who don’t think they are large enough to need a website.