Benefits of Custom Web Design for Your Business

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Lots of people today constantly use the internet. People use the internet for different things, to get information, communicate, for entertainment, to complete several tasks, share files, for studies or educational purposes, to socialize, to buy or sell different products and services, or just to stay updated with trends and current happenings in the society. Whatever the reason for going online, one thing that is commonly used on the internet are websites. And a website thrives better when it has a custom web design.

custom web design

What is Custom Web Design?

Presently, there are several website design options for creating a new website design. There are online platforms that offer a DIY process of creating a website which are nothing close to custom web design processes. These platforms offer do-it-yourself template-based programs which usually involve using the drag, cut and paste features. Also some website design companies offer services that allow you to hire the company to design your website with their already made templates. These templates will not be custom made for your web design as they are open to other website owners too who might love to get the same template. Therefore they cannot be seen as custom web design services. 

A custom web design involves the process of creating customized websites based on the needs, values and goals of a business, often executed by UX designers and programmers. Many websites on the Internet are mostly created using templates and this often results in websites that have similar looks, layouts and styles. This may not necessarily be bad, especially for small businesses or personal websites like blogs and vlogs who are not looking to spend a lot of money on getting a custom web design and not even gaining so much from owning a website. bigger companies, however, will often go for a website with custom web design which effectively captures the goals and visions of the business and the target audience accessing the website.

With a Custom Web Design, many business owners often think that because it is a custom web design process, the design approach will be a lot more expensive because of the need to hire professional web designers, but most of the time it’s usually worth every bit of funds invested in it. 

What custom web design usually attempts to do is create a website that is unique and tailored just for a particular business. This approach allows the business to establish a visual and  aesthetic design that best captures the feel of the company while appealing to its target audience.

custom web design

Let’s have a close look at the benefits of custom web design:


Creating a business or personal website can be easy especially with the DIY platforms and software. However, creating a great website that portrays your uniqueness as a business means you need to build it from scratch, it might sometimes be a bit costly but it is a worthy investment. 

A custom web design approach does not have limitations, this means that you can build your website exactly how you want it!

Your custom made website will not only represent your brand but also has a distinct design which is not commonly found all over the internet and this gives your business a competitive advantage. It is important to hire professional custom web design experts, in order to get the actual results that come from custom web design.


In order to address the different needs of their different users, most DIY website builders come equipped with built-in functionality that is usually applied to all websites built on their platform. While business owners may need some of this functionality on the business website, it most likely gets them saddled with a lot of items that are not entirely needed. Unfortunately, these unnecessarily bloated complex website structures can, most of the time, slow down your website speed and increase load time.

Website load times are very important to the success and conversion rates of your website and the load time can often impact business revenue.The Ideal load time for a web page is 3 seconds or less. When your website experiences a slow load time, it negatively impacts your website performance in the following ways:

  • 25% of website visitors will abandon a website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load
  • 46% of website users won’t revisit a website if it has poor performance, which includes slow load time
  • 1 second delay in a website loading time reduces customer satisfaction by 16%

Custom web design helps to eliminate slow load time for websites by including only the specific functionality your website requires. This means that business owners will have the ability to choose the important functional components that meet the visions, goals and general needs of the business and its audience. An improved load time for your website pages will significantly improve your user experience and play a role in increasing your website conversions and business revenue.

custom web design

Website Security

Your website security is a crucial function that is heavily impacted by the way your website is designed and this is part of what custom web design offers. It is important to ensure that your website is actively secure from any form of breach by hackers, especially if your website collects personal data from your users. In fact, website security has evolved over the years and is now even so important that Google now warns web users when they’re filling in their information on a page that doesn’t have SSL security technology installed.

When you use a DIY website builder, your site is often vulnerable to security breaches. If one website on the Website builder platform has any security breaches, it’s possible that every other website hosted on the platform will become compromised. Most website builder platforms host thousands of websites, and this creates a serious security risk.


There are several other benefits of getting custom web design for your business as it increases your business credibility and growth. 

At Chilling design, we offer custom web design services which meets the business goals and brands needs. 

custom web design

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