Website Design Mistakes That Hurt Your Business

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Let’s take a look at some common website design mistakes that often hurt your business

To stay relevant in today’s business world, you have to secure your online presence especially at this time where the world is continuously evolving digitally. A website is one of the most important digital platforms a business needs to own to establish credibility and build an online presence and website design mistakes can, as a matter of fact, hurt your business in several ways. The web has a far wider reach than any other advertising method, with an average of 4.95 billion people visiting it daily.

First impressions will always matter and it matters a little too much for anyone to ignore in this digital era, where the speed of a page on your website can cause visitors to abandon the entire website..

Still, web design is large and spans across lots of guidelines and principles and may be a challenge for one to get everything exactly right.

Your web designer might, however, make some mistakes in design that hurt your business in trying to reach your target audience in the massive internet market.

This article will outline some of the website design mistakes that business owners and web designers should avoid.

common website design mistakes that often hurt your business

Poor Usability

Almost all transactions today start and get completed online. Therefore, you do not want to create a platform where visitors will find it difficult to get useful information or navigate through easily. Studies  have shown that a properly designed website with great usability impacts the revisit rates and purchasing behaviors of its users and 88% of internet users will not return to your website after a bad experience. If your users experience difficulty in accessing information on different devices and find it time-consuming to navigate through your site, this may indicate that your website lacks good usability. 

Crafting Poor Headlines

You have 7seconds to grab the attention of your reader. Without the ability to do this with your headlines, you will lose that customer. Website headlines are some of the most important things to design since they are among the first things visitors see when they visit your site. One of the common website design mistakes is not paying attention to the headlines by web designers. Strong, bold eye-catching headlines are the best kind of headlines to pique visitors’ attention.

The Use of Cliché Stock Images

Another one of the very common website design mistakes is the use of cliche or overused stock images. The use of such images doesn’t give the kind of authority the brand needs. Original and high resolution images speak louder for your brand than stock images. Use images that align more with your brand values. It is popularly said that when in doubt, leave stock out of it.

Overloading Website With Content

Many businesses feel that all product information and features should appear on their home page, so the page becomes cluttered with too much information and is hard to read. It is also one of the common website design mistakes that can harm your business because visitors won’t spend quite as much time on your website because it appears clumsy which will lead to a higher bounce rate.

Creating Long, Complicated Contact Forms

The major goal of every business is to keep their customers happy, but when the contact form is becoming too long, complicated and nosy, it will only end up leaving your customer angry, frustrated and cause an increased bounce rate. Increased bounce rates will hurt your business eventually as your visitors won’t come back again. complicated contact and pop up forms are website design mistakes that will hurt your business. make them simple and less tacky.

Creating Buttons Without Name Attributes

Using name attributes, buttons on a website can be identified uniquely. By using this technique, it becomes possible to create event tags in analytics, such as Google Analytics, that are triggered by button clicks with unique names. This reduces ambiguity and false positives, as opposed to when buttons are identified by class or text, and will increase visits to your site organically. Web designers make these website design mistakes often and it sure hurts businesses.

Call To Action Errors

Having unclear or too many options makes people confused, and in a state of confusion your website visitors would immediately leave. It is very common for businesses to design their websites in such a way that urges visitors to do things with a great deal of buttons, with so many “join” “sign up” “start now” buttons staring at your visitors that they feel confused and frustrated. And in the same way, if your CTAs are unclear and difficult to see or understand, it will leave your visitor wondering what their next move may be. These somewhat insignificant website design mistakes will greatly hurt your business. Instead of multiple CTAs, use a single CTA, and make your CTAs as visible and clear as possible. That way your visitor can make decisions faster.

Remember to use bright and catchy colors which your visitor will not possibly miss. 

common website design mistakes that often hurt your business

Designing a Website Before Having a Complete Brand Identity

While the excitement of starting a brand may cause a mistake such as this, designing a website before you have a complete brand identity will harm your business greatly. 

Building a website before having a complete library of brand assets is like putting the cart before the horse. Create your website in sync with your brand assets and marketing materials. This is one of the common website design mistakes that can negatively impact your business.

Neglecting Your Target Audience

As we discussed earlier in this article, your business revolves around your target audience. One of the common website design mistakes web designers make is to neglect their target audience. Your website must speak to them in their own language, and the colors on it must resonate with them. It is more likely that people will patronize brands that communicate with them in their own language, and this language is the foundation upon which your website should be built.


Designing or owning a website with little or no error is one of the fastest ways to to business success. It is important to not leave this important aspect of your business to unqualified website creators.

Chillingdesign is a brand created to provide you with quality and bespoke websites with no errors. Our team of skilled UX designers and content experts are always ready to jump in and create something within your budget. 

common website design mistakes that often hurt your business

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