Choosing the Right Web Designer for Your Company

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A Web designer just like everyone else you hire to do a job, can either make or mar the image of your company. The quality of people who work in, and for a brand has effect on the growth of the company. This is why before choosing people, you have to be sure that they can properly deliver on their jobs.

When choosing a great designer for your brand’s website, you want to choose someone who believes in giving their best. Also, if you are someone who loves excellence and dislikes mediocrity, you certainly should be more intentional about choosing the right Website Designer for your company. One of the reasons for choosing a right web designer is that your website needs to be healthy and your design will have great effect on the reception your company gets from the audience. People interact with your website, so, having one with great quality is not something to be joked with.

The truth is that there are a lot of people in the industry and each person is different from the other in terms of job delivery. For Web Designers, there are ‘okay’ ones as well as great ones; there are normal ones as well as highly skilled ones. So, you have to properly select and screen people before you bring them on board. This is not to say that there is any perfect person anywhere: there isn’t; but at the same time, get someone who is good at what they do, and who doesn’t stop learning. This article is going to give you useful tips on how to choose the right Web Designer for your company. So, whether you are a recruiter or the owner of a company, you will find this write-up useful.

Let’s talk about who a Website Designer is and what they do. For people who may not have a very good knowledge of who a Designer is, this is an eye-opener.

Who Is a Web Designer?

A Website Designer is someone who plans and designs the layout of internet sites and web pages. He begins from scratch by planning out how the sites and pages would be. The elements included in this planning include graphic and video clips, text, sound, images, etc. Sometimes, however, a web designer doesn’t plan new websites; he may be called upon to update an already existing website.

He is responsible for the aesthetic design of the websites and how convenient it would be to navigate. This means that the Designer is very important in the website-making process. It is a popular saying that, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Therefore, having someone who will carry out the essential planning process of the website is important.

Usually, web designers are mistaken for Web Developers. There is a need to identify the difference between these two roles. Web Designers are different from Web developers, and even though they complement one another, they are not the same. The next section will take care of defining both roles so that you know a clear distinction.

Web Designer Vs. Web Developer

A Website Designer takes care of planning the website. He is a foundational fellow in the building of a website. What Web Designers are concerned with, is that the website is pleasing to the eyes, convenient to use, and user-friendly for users of the website. Unlike Web Developers, Web Designers are not primarily concerned with knowing whether the code works or not. Web Designers design the layout of the website.

Web Developers, on the other ones, take the plans that the Web Designers have created, and then create websites with them, using code. They make use of programming languages like HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc.,to create websites and web applications.

In other words, as much as Web Designers and Web Developers share a symbiotic relationship, they are different: Web Designers plan, while Web Developers create. However, they are both very important.

How to Choose the Right Web Designer for Your Company

Now that we know the difference between what a Website Designer does and what a Web Developer does, we will move ahead to give guidelines and how to not make the mistake of hiring the wrong individual for your website Design. There are some things to bear in mind when choosing a Web Designer and they are below.

·         First Consider What You Need in a Website: Different companies have different ways they want their websites to look. So, in choosing a Designer for your website, you need to ask yourself what your company’s needs are. How do you want the  layout of your website to be?  This will help you to properly narrow down your options of Web Designers so that you have greater chances of choosing the right one that suits the needs of your company.

·         Understand Your Budget: You need to plan and act on your budget for a Web Designer. Web Designers charge differently, and you don’t want to break the bank or ruin your business by hiring one above your budget.

·         What Do Their Portfolio and Past Jobs Say: A Web Designer’s past jobs and results are pointers to what they can do. So, there is a need to look up the portfolio of the Web Designer you want to hire; this will help you know if that designer is who you need for your company or not.

·         Check for Reviews, Feedback, and Testimonials About Their Jobs: One of the ways to find out if a Web Designer is good or not, is by checking the reviews, feedback, and testimonials that people have given about them. You know what you want; you are in a better position to know whether the reviews you are seeing about the Web Designer suit your web design needs or not.

·          Ask for Advice: In things like this, understand that you won’t always be able to make the right decision alone. So, it is okay to ask for advice from people who may know better. When you want to hire a Web Designer, you can ask for the opinions of friends, family, and even other business owners who know things like this.

·         Reach out to the Web Designer and Explain What You Want: When you must have made your findings about the Web Designer you want to choose, and are satisfied with what you have found, the next step is to reach out to them via calls, emails, or whatever means is available to you. When you have gotten through to them, it is highly important to clearly state what you want so that you both are on the same page.


Choosing a Web Designer for your company should become a lot easier with these tips above. Remember that the people in your team are really important to its growth. Given this, you must make it a serious business when choosing someone as important as a Web Designer for your company.

Also, remember that it is not only experience and skills that are the important things to look out for; but designers who also has the heart to learn, explore, and listen. your designer also needs to know when to be proactive. All these are so that the greater good of the company is achieved.

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