Getting a good website redesign

principles of web design
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Did you know that a poor website design can hurt your brand’s traffic, conversions and even sales? Every business needs a website redesign once in a while. Regardless of your company size or industry,  it’s very important that as a brand, you take a strategic approach towards your brand and website growth and this includes an approach to your website redesign. 

Investigate what is currently working, what is not working, what needs to be removed, what needs to be kept and sustained, what needs improvement, what steps need to be taken and what goals you wish to achieve.

Every website redesign decision and strategy needs to lead to a better user experience and a good conversion and growth for your brand.

In today’s world, it is extremely important for any brand to have a good-looking, easy-to-use responsive website. Many web visitors, while doing their research,  will check your company’s website along with your competitors’ before they make a buying decision. 

Your business website is one of the essential elements that your target audience base their first impression on. if your website design is done right, it could be your 24/7 salesperson.

Most businesses understand the importance of a user-friendly site and the need to get a website audit and a website redesign strategy to improve whatever issues might arise with the existing website. 

website redesign

What is a website redesign?

A website redesign is a thorough overhaul that involves significantly changing elements like content, code, structure, and visuals of your existing website in order to better serve your web visitors. A good website redesign tends to boost conversions, lower bounce rates, and improve overall user experience (UX). A website redesign usually implies that the code and visual appearance of your website gets to change significantly.

A website redesign mostly implies a lot of work. Therefore, it is best to hire  professionals who have better knowledge and skill to do it for you.  A redesign strategy for your brand not only involves time and processes but also an allocated budget. 

But the best part of website redesign is the excitement of having a brand-new online presence, great conversions, more traffic and a good user experience at the end of the process

Questions to ask before a website redesign

website redesign

Research is also an important part of your website redesign process: it’s always crucial to first find out what’s working and isn’t, and to dig further into what your target visitors would want and how to make your website more user-friendly. When you start thinking about getting a website redesign, there are some questions you may need to ask and answer:

  1. Does the current design look outdated?
  2. Who is coming to your website, and why?
  3. What specific user needs aren’t being met by the current website?
  4. What are the recurring user complaints about the current website?
  5. What pages and elements are/aren’t working well?
  6. What goals are we trying to achieve with a website redesign?

Clearly, there’s a lot more to website redesign than just new colours, images and templates. However, businesses that initiate a website redesign strategy usually have similar goals – better user experience, increased traffic and higher conversions. Here are some tips that will help you achieve those goals no matter what “redesign” means for you.

Here are some tips on how to create a good website redesign strategy


Now that you are certain that your website needs improvements and a redesign. It’s time to take a few steps backward and create a detailed plan on how you intend to tackle the website issues. You want to start by mapping out your customer journey from the time a person visits your website to the moment they become recurring users.

As you do this, it is important to think about which pages these users are going to view, what info and content they are going to see, and what offers they are likely going to convert on. Understanding this and creating a plan will help you design a site that actually helps nurture leads through the sales funnel.

Review your target audience persona

While setting up a persona may seem cliche and probably one of the first things every brand works on while setting up a business, it is important to never stop reviewing your audience’ persona as this might have changed overtime. 

As the world evolves, things change, people learn and improve. A 45 year old truck driver may not care about the internet in the early 20’s but with the rise and spread of technology, even a 50 year old truck driver may now be more internet and tech inclined. This means that if your audience pesona did not include this man last few years, you may now want to review and include him.

A target audience review is important in creating a website redesign strategy as it will let you increase your website visitors or remove dormant and inactive links on your site which do not attract any audience.

Create better offers

You have had an offer since the creation of your website, it’s time to make a change. Create different offers, you may want to look at what your competitors are offering their target audience. What are the traffic-driving incentives? A 50% discount may no longer be what your audience wants, how about a free ticket to a show? A free book? A free video class, etc. 

Find what offers work better and use it to gain your audience and drive conversion.

Get A Professional

Website redesign does not just involve changing a few images and contents on your website. A website redesign professional will audit and carry out a complete overhaul of website design and processes. 

This most times involves technical processes and might also involve a good knowledge of coding and great UX design skills. You may want to get a professional like the team at chillingdesign for your website redesign and improvements. 

Final thoughts:

A website redesign is never completely done, If you thought the job ends after the redesign is complete, think again. User personas, preferences, experiences are always changing and so are website technologies, design process and strategies. therefore as an ever growing brand, you need to always strategize on ways to continuously improve your website for maximum conversions and growth.

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