3 quick solutions to poor website conversion

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While it is great to have multiple inflows of traffic to your website, for most businesses, it is not the priority, as traffic to your website might not guarantee any improvement to poor website conversion except, of course, your endgame is to just generate traffic. For most businesses that have goods to sell, products to market, looking for sign-ups and clients to work with, traffic is good but conversions are better. 

Website conversion happens when your web visitors successfully complete the set or desired action on your website, actions like making a purchase, signing up for your newsletter, registering and trying out your product and service, clicking a specific button or even sharing a blog post to social media. The percentage of people that complete the set or desired action on your website is known as your website conversion rate.

Since No two businesses are exactly the same, you may have a different conversion from other businesses. It is your role as a business owner or marketing manager to analyze and determine which set action best fits your campaign and business goals.

For example: An Ecommerce website will likely focus more on sales of goods which involves the entire process of opening the website down to clicking on check out and making the necessary payments. Conversion happens when the entire process is complete. A poor website conversion would mean that potential buyers who visit this Ecommerce store usually drop off along the way and this could be for a number of reasons, from prices of goods, terms and conditions of purchase to the website navigation and overall experience.  

Another example is a service provider like a website design expert. The conversion for this website will be to have users turn to clients, this will involve the process of opening the website, to checking out what is obtainable, down to booking a call and negotiations, even down to making payments for the service. A poor website conversion occurs when visitors only visit the site to read articles and informative posts but never actually make any contact with the service providers of click and CTA buttons or sign ups. 

A poor website conversion may occur due to many factors like:

  • Your sales cycle (awareness, interest, desire, action)
  • Your industry
  • Your business terms and conditions
  • Your prices
  • Types and quality of services you offer
  • Business authenticity
  • Website user experience

Some of these factors will influence your conversion rate. Here are some proven solutions to a poor website conversion.

Let’s take a look,

Research and Analyze how your web visitors interact with your website

Research and analyzing your visitor’s interactions with your website will help you understand why you have a poor website conversion rate. This research and analysis is a process that involves collection of close-ended data and using the collected data to identify patterns and analyze your website interaction and its characteristics. 

For example, You can use your Google Analytics data to determine some of the key drop-off areas for your web visitors, see your web visitors journey through your site, their buying behavior and overall demographics.

Additionally, You can use a closed-question survey to get information straight from your users and scale data. You can send your survey through a post-purchase email or share on your website, blogs or simply put out the link on social media requesting your target audience to share their thoughts about your product and services.  

Research and analysis seeks to gain a deeper understanding of why your website visitors behave in certain different ways and this also helps you to identify the overall patterns and trends and further provides context on why you have a poor website conversion. This means that not only will you discover that lots of your website visitors drop off at a certain point on your site before completing the set or desired conversion action, you will also understand why they drop off.

Businesspeople meeting plan analysis graph company finance strategy statistics success concept and planning for future in office room.

The research and analysis process may also involve user testing which will further give you an insight into the thought process of your website visitors and what these visitors always do when they are on your site. You can use the data gathered from your research to draw conclusions and test hypotheses

It could be that visitors are mostly not sure where to go next from a particular product category page or the checkout form may be too long, which is definitely a reason for your poor website conversion.

You can use dedicated sites like User Input to carry out tests and  tools like Fully,Hotjar and CrazyEgg  which use heatmapping to show areas that potential customers click the most. These tools can help determine specific areas for improvement. 

Or, you can just carry out your own tests internally

Be flexible with your conversion goals 

We understand that you have set your conversion goals based on what you need as a brand and these are conversion goals you think your users can easily meet. Now that you have completed your research and analysis, do you still think your website users can meet these goals? 

There are plenty of ways you can identify areas of improvement and create a better experience that gets higher conversion rates for your business.

It is important to set goals that are flexible enough to accommodate random changes and improvements. If you have set goals that you notice your visitors are not able to meet, like clicking on a pop up, filling a sign up form, filling a long checkout form, or even making a purchase. You may want to consider strategizing and applying some changes like – changing the pop up frequency or design, making the forms shorter or reducing your sales prices. 

Your conversion goals need to be easily attainable and must follow a process that users do not have to struggle with. Do not be stagnant with a goal especially if its not working as it should. Initiate changes and make your goals flexible enough for even more changes in the future.

Invest in website design.

Your web design has a huge influence on your entire user experience as a business. Investing in website design is one of the determining factors of business growth. A well designed website will reduce your poor website conversion by more than a half as it has been proven that web visitors will spend more time on a website that is well designed and optimized for a great user experience. 

If your website navigation is not helping with user experience, it could be a huge cause of your poor website conversion rate.

Many business owners just set out to create a good-looking website, but aesthetics is not enough. The major things that make a great website are the components which users consider to be important. What you consider as beneficial to your website might be irrelevant to your users, this is why it is important to bring in expert website designers who will conduct a proper user research and build a website which meets the needs of your users while also optimized to improve poor website conversion rates. 

Here are some elements which make up a great website design and help improve poor website conversion

Mobile responsiveness:  websites that are well designed will be designed to be mobile responsive. This means that visitors can open your website on their phones at any time making it easier for them to interact better with your website at their comfort. 

Navigation:  A good navigation interface is a great way to improve poor website conversion and promote user experience. Your website design should be easy to access and navigate and the menu buttons on your site need to be easily accessible from any page.

If you’re really looking to increase your website conversions rate, then you must simplify your web navigation to make it easy for visitors to find information on your page. When visitors find it difficult to find what they are looking for, they are less likely to remain on your site.

If your website navigation is not helping with user experience, it could be a huge cause of your poor website conversion rate.

Clear CTAs: Website design experts will set up your call to action buttons and make them clear and difficult to miss. With a clear CTA, you are certain that your visitors will not miss the chance to engage or click. 

Using this example from Xbox. you can clearly see the CTA button. Their “Grand Theft Auto V” advert has a clear description for visitors to understand where the Xbox is going to be played and right beneath the information, there’s a clear CTA button that stands out and is set to catch their visitor’s attention, while also fitting in with the brand’s website design.

poor website conversion rate.

The call to action, “Get It Now,” informs the users what the action they will be taking when they click on the button. This is a great example of a clear CTA that stands out and directs users.

Other elements which make up a great website design and help improve poor website conversion are 

  • Visual design (Aesthetics)
  • Content 
  • SEO
  • Usability
  • Consistency

And more.  

poor website conversion

Chilling design is a website design brand that is created to drive growth and conversion through web design. 

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